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Boot pans for Škoda - Protection for the boot of your vehicle The trunk of a car serves as a transport and storage area. Shopping baskets full of food, moving boxes, jerrycans or the box with the beloved pet are just a few examples of common cargo in the trunk. If something runs out - such as milk or gasoline - the annoyance about the dirty interior is great, as well as the cleaning effort. The perfectly fitting trunk tubs for your Škoda from the Walser online shop offer an optimal solution for this. They fit perfectly in your car, so that dirt and moisture for the trunk no longer represent a problem.

Unique product features that convince

The luggage compartments for Škoda available in our Walser online shop are made of durable TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). It is a plastic that remains elastic and flexible in a temperature range between -50 and +50 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the anti-slip surface, all objects to be transported remain in place while driving, reducing the risk of something falling over or leaking. Due to the black color the mats look very noble. The matt surface gives the boot tub for your Škoda a textile look. Such a mat fits inconspicuously in each vehicle interior and evaluates this visually.

Easy installation and cleaning

The high elasticity of the boot pans for Škoda allows a particularly easy insertion and placing in the trunk. Just as uncomplicated, they can be folded up and removed. Depending on your vehicle model and the year of construction, you will receive tailor-made boot tubs for your Škoda Fabia, Oktavia, Roomster, Rapid, Superb or Yeti. All models are water and oil repellent, so that almost all leaked liquids remain on the surface of the mat and can be easily removed from this. The high edges of the boot tubs ensure that the dirt can not escape and get into the trunk. Trunk buckets for Škoda provide access to the loading floor in the trunk, so that stored tools can easily be removed without removing the entire mat.

Service when buying your luggage compartment for Škoda

If you have found the right model for your vehicle while browsing through the Walser online shop, you will usually receive it within Germany 1-2 working days after ordering. The vast majority of boot pans are ready to ship. Are you having trouble choosing the right trunk tub for your Škoda? Or you have questions about the model you have selected? Contact the customer service of the Walser online shop and get free telephone support on weekdays at 0800 / 0707-755. You can also use the contact form on the homepage of the Walser online shop.

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