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Our car accessories will significantly enhance your comfort while driving and can also add value to your car. Whether it is car seat covers and seat pads, floor or rubber mats and boot liners or child seats - our range of car accessories is very extensive and will offer you the right product for every situation. You will find our online shop packed full of high-quality accessories for all your automotive needs.

From leatherette to lambskin: If those worn seats and stubborn upholstery stains keep staring at you every time you get in the car, then don’t put off ordering the right car seat covers any longer. They won’t look any better with cleaning and scrubbing - you need a new set of car seat covers. New covers can give an older car or van a fresh lease of life. With newer cars, our robust protective covers keep the shiny interior intact. Alongside conventional seat materials like cotton, lambskin, leatherette and leather, we also offer newer innovations such as breathable fabrics. You will find detailed product descriptions and realistic pictures to help you choose the right item. Take advantage of our professional expertise: If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us by phone at any time, we will be happy to help you. Our clearly structured website and integrated search function should make it as simple as possible for you to find the right item.


We specialise in and manufacture car seat covers that can also be used with side airbags, and we place particular emphasis on effective combination of reliable safety and pleasant seating comfort. As you will discover, is not without reasons that a large number of the products in our online shop are TÜV-tested and include a specially designed tear seam system. In the event of an accident with the car, these seams ensure that the side airbag deploys safely and correctly. When it comes to airbag deployment, the WALSER CLIX I & CLIX III systems make sure that nothing is left to chance. Side airbags are now fitted as standard equipment in cars. In the event of a vehicle impact, the airbags inflate in approximately 10 to 40 milliseconds to protect the vehicle occupants from bodily impact. The side airbags are located in the seat or door trim, depending on vehicle model. When triggered by the sensor, in the event of a side impact, they fold out and prevent serious injuries to the chest. In such an emergency, our specially developed WALSER CLIX system allows the side airbag to deploy without any restrictions.

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