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Ice scrapers and brooms for:

Must have for the cold season: ice scraper of Walser

Are you looking for a good and stable iron remover? Here in this category you will find a large selection of different models to quickly free your car discs from the ice.

Cheap and handy helpers for your car windows

Our ice scrapers are indispensable for the coming cold winter, especially if you can not park your car in a garage. With our Ice Scratches, the removal of ice becomes a child's play and goes very fast because our numerous products are handy and very stable.

Cuddly: the ice scraper with glove for warm hands

Our wide range of products range from simple models for small money bags to ice scrapers with integrated snowbars and extendable telescopic poles from a robust aluminum construction for the high-quality models. The ice remover is especially comfortable with the integrated cuddle glove, which means that your hand will always be warm and dry when it comes to ice-skating.

The robust model Montreal for the winter time

Our ice scraper Montreal with integrated snowbesen, you can extend up to a length of 110 cm thanks to the powerful telescope system with oval telescopic aluminum tube. This allows you to reach even more distant ice spots comfortably. The exclusive ice scraper is made of sturdy polycarbonate, which will give you lots of winter fun. In addition, the ice scraper has a swivel head and a particularly strong and robust snow bean.

Well prepared in the winter with our ice scrapers

Take a look around our onlineshop. No matter whether models with snowbows, with telescopic handle or with glove for comfortably warm hands, our offer is numerous and includes ice and sun films.

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