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USB Cables & Equipment

With a USB cable you can use many different devices in the car and make the ride more comfortable.

Turn your car into a power station

For the navigation device, we know it for a long time: the cigarette butts is not only practical for smokers. With the right USB cable, you can connect almost any device to the car you need in the car. In addition to the navigation system, this includes, for example, the mobile phone, the laptop with a film for the children on the back bank or the box.

USB cable and device for versatile use

All USB cables - as well as all our USB-powered devices - are GS-tested and thus absolutely safe. They can be used safely, operate efficiently and consume no more energy than is necessary. So you and your vehicle are always well equipped.

Discover our great selection

We have a lot of USB cables in various colors, which can be connected to the cigarette-lighter. Also Micro USB cables, devices for the iPhone and other formats you can find with us. Of course, we also have the practical distributors for several USB devices in the assortment.

Take your car to the charging station and order the appropriate cables for your cigarette lighter now.

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