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Load securing for:

You are regularly transporting large items on your trailer or in the car? Nothing is lost with our load securing system.

The right security for all items

Whether you need luggage or the latest achievements from the hardware store - if you are transporting large items with your car, the cargo securing system is the best. Our luggage tensioners are sturdy and with hooks And carabiners, so you can use them flexibly at any time to ensure load securing. And when they are no longer needed, simply roll the luggage clips together and store them comfortably in a drawer. This also applies to our load straps. These are particularly suitable for transporting large and heavy objects and optimally securing them.

Load securing - load straps with ratchet and hooks

For additional safety, the load straps have hooks and ratchets that allow you to adjust the straps individually to the size of the transported items. With the appropriate hooks, you can attach the load straps perfectly to the trailer or to the loading area. This way, nothing can move. The same applies to our luggage suspensions. Here you can choose between a span width of 60 to 200 cm.

Networks and tarpaulins help with transport

And if you need to transport mainly foliage or greenery, then you are best to access our nets and tarpaulins. You can convince yourself and find the perfect load securing system!

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