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Universal Car Carpets

Our universal floor mats are suitable for every vehicle and an inexpensive alternative to expensive fit mats

Do you want to protect the footprint in your car from dirt? Then the floor mats in universal size are just right for you.

Affordable solution for a clean interior

Do you want to ban dirt, nuisances, and wear from your car? Especially the floor in a car is very prone to contamination. With foot mats you can effectively protect your interior in the foot area. Our Walser floor mats in universal sizes are suitable for every vehicle and are very cheap compared to the more expensive fit mats.

Floor mats in universal size: practical variety

With the Walser floor mats in universal size, you not only protect your interior, but also tidy it at the same time. The carpet rugs are available in classic black or gray as well as combined with fresh and bright colors. You can choose between modern, classic or sporty designs.

Durable material and sophisticated design

Our high-quality floor mats in universal sizes are made of durable polypropylene and have anti-slip spikes on the back. Due to the high color and light resistance, you can enjoy the carpet for a long time. The driver's rug is additionally equipped with heel protectors.

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