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Every batch of production commissioned by WALSER goes through a number of monitoring and inspection procedures during and after production, in order to guarantee a consistently high standard of quality for you.

In addition to the monitoring of production and assembly facilities by internal and external accredited test centres, each completed production batch is subject to a random sample inspection. This covers a check of the material in general, the workmanship and the safety of the product before it leaves the production facility.
WALSER Wert - Qualität

Depending on the class of product, further checks are made after production to ensure that the product quality for our customers is continuously improved. A good example of this are our seat covers.

Most of them are tested by independent testing institutes, such as TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH, for side airbag compatibility for all common vehicles, which covers a large part of the market. Added to this, each year further tests are carried out on side airbag compatibility for all the latest vehicle models. Furthermore, a range of further analyses are carried out each year, such as for colour, weight, material composition and many other criteria in checks to establish that all item parameters conform to the specifications previously defined. An overview of our most important tests can be found here.

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Independent of the countless tests for ensuring quality of the products, we are constantly developing our goods to improve longevity, durability and ease of handling. Further details about this topic can be found here.

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