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Every Opel owner knows it, something has to be transported quickly in the trunk. Be it dirty garden tools or plants, dirty work clothes, wet things or even the beloved dog, but dirty from top to bottom. All this dirt settles in the trunk, penetrates into every crack and is only difficult and with a lot of effort to eliminate. Even animal hair in the car can be very persistent. The result is a dirty, wet or hair-glued boot. The cleaning is then complex and takes a perceived eternity. And you can not get everything clean by hand. Transporting clean things or taking pet food allergies is then no longer possible. In addition, long-term pollution or wetness damages the interior of the Opel and may even cause permanent damage.

Hardwearing and practical

The trunk mats for Opel are made of a very robust and durable material. Due to the non-slip surface, the objects in the trunk can not slip, thus ensuring order and safety. The tub for the trunk is also temperature-resistant, from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius, it remains elastic. The material is abrasion resistant, so that no signs of wear occur. Due to the matt surface of the tub, your car also gets a textile look and adapts optimally to the rest of the car interior.

Trunks for all common Opel models

Perfectly fitting boot pans for Opel, which are exactly adapted to the respective model and fit perfectly. The tubs are easy to clean and can be easily cleaned and wiped off the Opel. So your Opel trunk is effectively protected from moisture and dirt.

Easy to use

The trunk mats for Opel are extremely elastic, so they can be easily mounted and placed in the trunk. Also, the removal is very simple, because the tub only has to be folded. Moisture and dirt are effectively collected by the extra high walls of the boot tub and can not spread in the car. For cleaning, you only need to dump the tub and, if necessary, wipe it with a damp cloth.

The boot tubs are black and made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). This material is oil and water repellent and easy to clean. The high edge prevents dirt or moisture from entering the interior of the car.

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